SAFE-CODE TECHNOLOGY, as a national key high-tech enterprise, owns Beijing Engineering Laboratory for Cloud Security Technology, National Engineering Laboratory Evaluation Center for Mobile Internet System and Application Security and Network Data Security and Disaster Recovery Research Center of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Circulation and Trading Technology, and established a long-term and stable strategic alliance of talents and technology with Information Security Center of BUPT and National Engineering Laboratory for DBR.

Company takes education as its basis, faces multi industries, and is committed to the R&D and training of network-range and laboratory products, the R&D and training and IT service of network security operation and maintenance evaluation products, the R&D and consulting solutions of disaster recovery technology and other business areas, with customers all over the education, enterprises and other industries.

Company has one product center and three service Bus. Product center focuses on creating four major products: training, testing, protection and support. Zero-one college is committed to providing an overall solution to the education industry and all sectors of the society for talent training and skill promotion, and making efforts to build up a first-class training base for talents on network space security. Zero-one institute integrates national and enterprise technical requirements, and connects the excellent scientific research and talent resources in the domestic educational circles, and serves the work of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the support of scientific research personnel in China.

Safe-code has a R&D team of more than 100 people at the core of a number of professors and doctorate tutors of the Yangtze River, with 10% of doctoral degrees and 80% of master's degree. It has established the strategic alliance for technology and technicians with many key universities, such as Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Peking University, Chengdu University of Electronic Science.

Safe-code has nearly 50 invention patents and obtains some national rewards and supports. In 2018, Safe-code has passed ISO9001 certificate.

Summary of Technical support platform

B1 ISC (Information Security Center) of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

The ISC of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is a state key laboratory. Since 1984, the center has published more than 400 papers in the famous academic journals and more than 20 academic publications both in China and abroad. We have more than 30 national major science and technology projects is completed or running.

The ISC has professional postdoctoral mobile station on information security major and "cryptography major, has gained a lot of influential research results both at home and abroad in information security field. ISC has many key scientific research areas, such as digital media copyright protection, cryptography, information confrontation, information camouflage and hiding, electronic payment, intrusion detection, secure mobile communications, security smart cards, telephone firewalls, computer viruses, etc.

B2 National Engineering Laboratory for Disaster Recovery Technology

In August 2008, as the only national laboratory in the field of disaster recovery and preparedness, the National Engineering Laboratory of disaster preparedness Technology was formally established at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, professor Yang Yixian was the director of the laboratory, who is Ph.D. supervisor of information security and cryptography major of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the first scholar of the Chang Jiang.

B3 National Key Laboratory of Public Big Data

The laboratory is the only national key laboratory in the field of big data in China, and is co constructed by Guizhou University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The laboratory adheres to the operating mechanism of opening, flowing, union and competition, and develops a high level of scientific research and application development, and develops a high level public data scientific research team. At present, the laboratory has formed three stable research directions, namely, block chain and regional governance, multi source data fusion and integration technology, public large data security and privacy protection.

a. Block data and regional governance

In view of the characteristics of block data, such as region intensive, multi source heterogeneous, highly related, open sharing and high value, and the pain point of block data theory research, the development of key technology and the regional governance, laboratory focus on all key issues about block data researching on theory body, formation mechanism, expression mechanism, computation model and the application technology in regional governance.

b. Multi source data fusion and integration technology

Around the pain points in the big data development and application and based on the effective application of large data in the fields of government, commerce and people's livelihood, Laboratory works on researching data expression method, effective data fusion method, depth data analysis method, effective data integration and collaborative computing method in the filed of food security cloud, intelligent tourism cloud, engineering and data cage, enterprise credit and so on.

c. Public large data security and privacy protection

At the data security, privacy protection, data abuse supervision, risk assessment and disaster storage in the process of data opening, sharing, trading and applying, we are promoting the new theory and algorithm researching on data security protection under the opening and sharing data environments, and promoting the relevant standards and specifications.

B4 National Engineering Laboratory Evaluation Center for Mobile Internet System and Application Security

The laboratory is co-built by the China Telecom group with safe-code technology co., and is committed to the construction of the mobile internet security technology research, simulation, verification and testing platform, to research the security technology of wireless access, signal processing and transmission in the future mobile communication, IPv6 mobile internet security management technology, new business security management and evaluation technology, mobile terminal and system security detection and protection technology and to carry out research and formulation of the standards relevant to mobile internet security

B5 Network Data Security and Disaster Recovery Research Center of National Engineering Laboratory for Big Data Circulation and Trading Technology

The laboratory is mainly aimed at the problems of large data sharing and exchange, poor circulation, unidentified standards and uneven data quality in China, and the construction of large data circulation and transaction technology innovation platform to share and exchange the data resources released from government and enterprise, share public data, analyze and process the large data in the cloud, build the big data exchange standards for different system, research and engineered the valuation modeling for large data resources and service.

B6 Beijing Engineering Laboratory for Cloud Security Technology

According to the trend of cloud security industry, based on our powerful technical capabilities and achievements, the cloud security technology engineering laboratory will be built into the most advanced laboratory which has long-term planning and advanced equipments.

In view of the security requirements of cloud computing, laboratory built the platform for the research, verification, simulation and test platform of cloud security technology and products, and research of key technologies such as cloud platform data encryption algorithm, privacy enhancement technology, intrusion detection technology and so on, and improve the technology on security field of cloud computing.